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  • What sets us apart

  • High Interaction

    At ACE there is maximized interaction between early educators (teachers) and the children. They not only act as a guide but also as learning partners to the children, thus, seeing the world as they do. This leads to a trusting and rewarding relationship. Further, it creates a relaxing and friendly environment that maximizes the learning.

    Child Centered Learning

    We understand an appreciate that children are dynamic learners. Therefore, wholesome education cannot be imparted through a set syllabus alone. At ACE, through our unique ‘Child Centered Learning’ we ensure the child’s learning priorities and individual pace are catered to.

    Integrated Learning

    Learning in young children is strongly reinforced through creative integration. For example, assimilating ‘number counting’ with something more appealing to the learner, such as “colours”. While encouraging learning of difficult subjects, integrated and practical approach succeeds in creating enthusiastic learners at an early age.

  • Testimonials

    • Our two year old son has been in ACE for the past 6 months, and the whole family enjoys the experience very much. He loves going to school every morning, and we appreciate the way it is contributing to his overall development.

      All the staff members are very nice and professional, and my son is extremely fond of his teachers. There is a strong individual follow-up, helping us parents, to be aware of his continuous progress. The very clean, child friendly environment of the school moreover contributes to the sensation of well-being at ACE!

      Ségolène Fabre
      Grant Manager
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